Stories from the Yamal village

A short documentary about people who live in a remote village in the Yamal Peninsula. In October 2018 I travelled to the village called Salemal to meet the local community and to work on video stories with the school children. During 7 days we made this short film about villagers and the history of this place.

Filmed by Irina Sedunova, Marina Sozykina, Ksenia Vakhtomina, Milya Vylko, Dasha Dranova, Arseny Kudar, Kirill Olefirenko, Kirill Klimov, Diana Kuibina.

Produced and edited by Irina Sedunova

Music used /Creative Commons/: Alan Piljak ‘Forgotten’, Alan Piljak ‘Harmony’, The Inventors ‘Fire’, Lee Rosevere ‘Wireless’, Doctor Turtle ‘I’m what you’d be without her’ [long version], Kai Engel ‘Fryeri’

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