How one woman turned her nostalgia into a business

In the Soviet Union, there was no such thing as a business or a businesswoman. Inna Mikhailov worked as a librarian and lived a simple life in Ukraine before the USSR collapsed in 1991. When Ukraine became independent, Inna and her family left their home because they “no longer recognised their country” said Mikhailov.

Nostalgia for the Russian cinematographer led her to pursue a business, even without any experience: four months after arriving in Canada, Mikhailov opened a video rental store with Russian movies.

“I wanted to have something here in Russian, something that would remind me about my homeland,” Mikhailov said.

Mikhailov tells her story about leaving one home behind and creating a new one.

This is the first independent video work, published by The Thunderbird, the UBC j-school blog.

Produced, filmed and edited by I. Sedunova

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